A Tale Of Three Cities

// Client: BCR Fleet Management

An idea that was totally unique for the automotive industry and the first campaign of its kind in Romania. Uniting art, culture, history, and the passion for restored classic cars, we had the privilege of doing a wonderful tour through the country, telling the story of three famous cities and seeing them from a different point of view.

Sibiu, the first pin-point on our map, welcomed us with its civilized and warm vibe.

Brașov was the second city we stopped in, and we managed to show it from a different angle, to discover hidden attractions and enjoy it from another point of view.

Bucharest was our last stop, as it remains one of the most interesting capital cities in Europe, and we wanted to showcase exactly that. Big towns have a vibe of their own, unique and amazing in every way. And our Little Paris deserved a one-of-a-kind storytelling experience.

A huge effort was put into making this campaign, and the unconditional support offered by BCR (through their fleet management division) was something that made all of this possible and worthwhile.

A Tale Of Three Cities - Part 1: Sibiu

We embarked on the tour, ready for adventure and sightseeing, cameras ready, laptops in the backpacks and a full gas of tank, to take us on a journey through three of Romania’s largest cities, seen from behind the wheel of some amazing vehicles. Simple and captivating, four days on the road, with meals where we could have them and hotel hopping, meant lots of work and tons of fun.

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A Tale Of Three Cities - Part 2: Brasov

Driving from Sibiu, through Avrig and Fagaras, was quite a road trip for us. Amazing scenery, and some good things waiting for us in Brasov. The city wasn’t very far, and the drives through Transilvania are always a pleasure.

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A Tale Of Three Cities - Part 3: Bucuresti

And so, here we are. Final chapter of our tour, back where it all started, to the ever-beating heart of Romania. Bucharest, the main point of attraction, be it for business, tourism, events or culture. We left this city for our last episode, since it’s also the town where Tunedside has its office, or, as we like to call it, home.

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