An Open Love Letter To The Automotive World

Taking a step back and reassessing the past 18 months, this could very well be the most impacting part of everyone’s lives, all around the world. The pandemic changed the way we live, the way we look at things, the way we interact and connect. It did not, however, change our passions, our hobbies and our determination. We kept going, and here we are, today.
Although events were postponed and cancelled for most part, motorsport was also impacted, businesses had a rough time and some still do, automotive life did not come to an end. Garages were still filled with project cars, ready to be finished, race cars were still engineered, waiting to hit the tracks, people kept pushing their dreams further and things kept moving forward. As did we, when we decided to start this website.
Building a business is hard. Building a brand is even harder. No matter the area where you wish to work in, getting your foot in the door is often difficult and exhausting. You know what they say, in the first year, 90% of new start-ups give up, in the next year, another 90% of the ones remaining, and so on. Truer words never spoken, as we learned all these things on our own.
However, keeping true to what made us start was a good path to find new and new ways to keep Tunedside alive and grow it even bigger. Friends, partners, sponsors, all of them were the real driving force behind what we have achieved so far. People who liked the concept, people who believed in what we do and, most of all, people who loved cars. Without them, their projects, their support and their trust, we wouldn’t have been where we are today. And for that, we are truly grateful.
Much like this wonderful Porsche, and its one-of-a-kind color (the only in the world, as far as we know), we set our goal into creating something unique, from the heart, something that Romania and its car community needed, for a long time now. We began telling the stories that stayed hidden for too long, to create quality content and show it to the whole world, not just locally. And looking back, we like to think we did that. And we’ll keep doing it, because what we discover with every material, with every trip, with every photoshoot, pushes us further and makes us be better. Also, for that, we are again grateful.
Where will the road lead? We don’t know, no one does. But we do know that we like where it has taken us so far, and we’re looking forward to all the good things and new connections it will bring. End of the day, it’s all about unique cars and the special people behind them. Everyone has a story to tell and we love every chance we get to shine it in the spotlights. And, again, for all those chances, we are grateful.
Although every material we shoot and write has a special place in our hearts, this one was a bit different from what we usually do. And it’s our own, simple and sincere way, to tell everyone who was involved in this project, how we feel about them and their support. Keep building cars, keep racing, keep restoring old timers, keep tuning, keep the culture alive and we promise we’ll always be around to tell each and every one of your stories.
Stay safe, drive on!
The Tunedside Team
Written by: Mihai Dumitrescu / Instagram
Photographed by: Anna Dumitrescu / Instagram