Carspotting Through Fashion Town

We’ll be right down honest from the start, we love Milano (or Milan, as some of the world likes to call it). It’s an amazing city, with a unique vibe and a wide variety of attractions, some of them related to the auto world, and some not. You’ve got architecture, history, culture, glamour and much more in between, so when it comes to big cities, the capital of Lombardia checks all the boxes.
Of course, seeing that we’ve got our cameras ready, everywhere we go, it was only a matter of time until we decided to capture a lesser known attraction of this town, but which is definitely worth seeing.
Carspotting, at least in the last decade, became a real thing and a lot of people visit certain places with the specific purpose of seeing the local car scene, and capture it on video or in photos. Places like London, Monaco or Zurich have become small Meccas for the die-hard car fanatics from all over the world, and Instagram is a meeting place for all the spotted vehicles.
Whether you’re chasing old-timers, exotics, tuner cars or all sorts of bikes, big cities with big names tend to attract a plethora of these vehicles, so each capital has something to offer, in terms of carspotting. Our keen eyes have taken notice of what Milano holds (when we first went, back in 2020), this is why we decided to pack up and spend a week on the streets, ready to watch some of the nicest cars we’ve ever seen, in real life, in real time.
Cruising through the Fashion District (Quadrilatero Della Moda, by its official name), one can’t help but marvel at the wonderful old buildings, each of them redesigned by a big-name brand. Think of any exclusive and luxurious company out there, they can all be found here, on the small alleys of this neighborhood, showcasing their latest collections and creations.
Of course, as expected, all this luxury attracts a certain type of client, and what better way to ride in, when buying a Cartier diamond, than in your brand new Ferrari or Aston Martin?
If you can see beyond the glamour of the place, and just enjoy the sights, the culture and the wonderful machines that are parked around every corner, it’s a great place to be, perhaps one of the best in the world. Not just for the fancy stuff, but for the experience altogether.
It’s not just the fashion-filled streets that hold interesting cars, there’s a lot to be seen in this city, and a lot of spots where you can see unique vehicles, so every neighborhood has something to offer, as far as sightseeing and carspotting go.
Much like the city itself, everything you see around you is an eclectic mix, all in good-taste, all colorful and alive. Exotics, old school icons, beautiful motorcycles, rolling on vintage alleys, parked in front of traditional pizzerias, near parks or museums. Sights like no others and an atmosphere in the purest Italian style, which was, is, and always will be, a sensation to be enjoyed by all, at least once in a lifetime.
Until next time, enjoy the gallery below and we’ll make sure to add more and more stories such as this one, as we move forward.
Written by: Mihai Dumitrescu / Instagram
Photographed by: Anna Dumitrescu / Instagram