EWS Team Ad Hoc Meeting

We live in strange times, I think everyone can agree on that. Auto shows, cancelled, big club or community meetings, cancelled, motorsport events, cancelled. There’s no way we’re going to see or attend a big event soon, and that’s a reality we all have to face and deal with. Safety comes first, and while we might miss our beloved nation-wide meets or continental auto shows, all of these will have to be on hold, until a proper solution to a worldwide crisis will be in place.
However, we need not disarm in front of all this, because what binds communities together is the passion for a certain aspect of life and the hope that we will all come together again. As such, safe solutions have been found throughout the past months, in various countries where people tend to socialize by standing next to their cars and discussing all matters related to the motoring world. Small get-togethers, carefully planned road trips, garage visits (where this could be made possible), all of these are ad hoc crafted answers to a problem that’s been bigger than all of us. And it worked, in most cases. Well, it will have to work, up until the point where we can again roam free through the auto shows and parking meets of the world.
We got the invitation from the good people of EWS on a warm sunny morning, and although we photographed some of their cars before (stay close, those materials will blow your mind), this was the first time we were invited to attend and cover one of their meetings. Of course, when we say meeting, we mean the actual number of people that were permitted, with the necessary measures of safety. This wasn’t your regular full-on car meet, but, in these times, any chance to see some cars aligned is better than nothing.
The EWS Team is a dedicated tuning club, made up by some really passionate car guys and girls, most of them already owning a car-related business or being deeply involved in the local and European scenes. Basically, like any other club around the world, it’s made by people who share the same passion and want to discuss ideas, ask for advice or just show off their latest build.
The best part about this ad hoc meet was the fact that, although not a lot of cars or members were permitted to attend, the feeling of diversity was there. Whether we’re talking about VIP-reconstructed limos or stanced-out hot hatches, we could enjoy it all, and shoot it in a way that makes the social isolation bearable to all of our readers.
I’m going to let the aforementioned diversity sink in, with these next couple of shots:
So, from a car lover’s perspective, this really small, but long awaited car meet, had it all. Local uniqueness, German icons and a ton of discussions based on what comes next for these projects and for the team. And, although I wouldn’t want to spoil anything, expect to see more from them in the following year.
So, what’s the take after this small get-together? Well, first of all, it’s a joy to see cars, new ones, old ones, clean ones, extreme ones, all brought in the same place by the people who built them. And to see that those same people, that keep the communities alive, all around the globe, haven’t stopped working on their projects, in their garages or backyards.
We were delighted to get the invite from the EWS Team and to meet some new and interesting members from the local scene. And, most of all, we’re really glad that we could get our hands on new content, that can be delivered to every car person staying indoors and waiting for things to get back to normal. Don’t worry, we’ll all meet again, soon.
Stay safe, drive on!
The Tunedside staff who attended the event followed all state rules, regarding social distancing, safety, health and hygiene. Tunedside does not, in any way, recommend, endorse, cover or participate in non-approved gatherings or illegal events, meetings or races. All photos were taken by professionals, under strict supervision and within full legal compliance.
Written by Mihai Dumitrescu / Instagram
Photographed by Anna Dumitrescu / Instagram