Ladies & Engines: 2nd Edition

It’s been almost 6 months since we last organized an event, and, with the Covid-19 pandemic slowly fading away, we decided to call on the women from the Romanian car community, in order to showcase their latest projects and help build a stronger community. What followed was a wonderful event, the only one of its kind in Romania, and we’re pretty confident that a third edition will most likely follow.
We managed to book an amazing location, in the heart of the city, right next to the Military Academy, surrounded by trees and fountains, which made the heat just a little bit more bearable. Seeing that this is one of the hottest summers in history, water and shade were two resources we could not get enough of.
Having a way larger guestlist also meant we needed more space, so the event could happen within all state regulations, related to the ongoing pandemic. But it also meant that more and diverse cars and bikes would show up, and boy, what a line-up we had. German icons, angry hatchbacks, all sorts of motorcycles, and, of course, some superstar pieces, which only left their garages to attend this special event.
The German car community was, as always, strongly present, sporting two Alpinas (the E38 was one of the main attractions), an M4 Competition (latest model, first of its kind in the country), some Audis, some VWs, and a nicely done Merc. We’re sorry we couldn’t get our hands on a Porsche, but we’ll try to bring something special for the next edition.
Any hot-hatch and pocket-rocket fans out there? We had them all, from old iconic Golfs to a very special Scirocco, to a very angry Mini, to a racing Renault, and the list could go on. These little cars, who are a pillar of the tuning culture, will always be welcome to our events and, most likely, will be admired and sought after by all car fans, everywhere. So feast your eyes on the line-up we gathered this time.
Since the event is not called Ladies & Cars, but Ladies & Engines, motorcycles had their own line-up and place to show off their best pieces. Ducati, Yamaha, Harley, and a nice come-back from our first edition, the one-of-a-kind, custom-made, all-black Honda cafe racer.
Literally, every person who attended the event was interested in aftermarket wheels, and they could feast their eyes on the pieces that were shown. Colorful, classic, aggressive, tucked on air, perfectly fitted, we had almost anything, for all tastes.
Although the heat seemed a little bit too much at certain times, this hasn’t stopped the fun, and this was the main reason for this event. To blend together various people, in order to share ideas, to give and receive advice, to marvel at the creations of others, and to create a tighter and more comfortable community, especially for the women involved in the Romanian car culture. Mind yourselves, lots of the cars were built, by hand, by the ladies who drove them. And that’s something amazing and worth everyone’s attention, not just here, but anywhere in the world.
And when it came to cars, the blend was even better. We gazed upon iconic classics, upon true racers, shifting eyes from a 1966 Mustang to a bagged A4, and from a Nissan 200SX to a Toyota RAV4, all coming together nicely and without any bias.
The fact that a lot of the people came to show, watch or just hang around this event was the true gain of Ladies & Engines: 2nd Edition. We wanted to let people enjoy their cars and share their experiences, all in a nice location. And even though it was a hot summer day, cooling off with ice-cold lemonade, sitting on fishing chairs, and having tailgate talks about our favorite cars is always a pleasure, and we look forward to doing this again, around these amazing people.
The Tunedside staff who attended the event followed all state rules, regarding social distancing, safety, health, and hygiene. Tunedside does not, in any way, recommend, endorse, cover or participate in non-approved gatherings or illegal events, meetings, or races. All photos were taken by professionals, under strict supervision, and within full legal compliance.
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Written by: Mihai Dumitrescu / Instagram
Photographed by: Anna Dumitrescu / Instagram