Late Nights In Parking Lots

Night drives have always been one of life’s small pleasures. Doesn’t really matter if you’re on a country road, through the woods, or under the big city lights, driving should be a fun, relaxing, and unique experience. Especially at night. The urge to just get in your car (or any car, for that matter) and start street-cruising, without a proper destination, is something we’ve all felt doing, maybe in these times more than ever. It’s the call of what we love, let’s put it like that.
As always, we never forget to pack our cameras and laptops, so we don’t miss out on amazing opportunities, whether it’s car spotting, meeting new and interesting people, or just uncovering some fascinating stories.
It was in a mall parking, on a rainy night, that we found one of the coolest Audis that we ever laid eyes on. No doubt about it, we needed to shoot this car, and the fact that the owner was pleasantly surprised by our request made it all easier. Late night, good lighting, a clean build, and some photo tools, that’s all you need. Car culture media life is quite simple, right?
The car in question is an Audi A5 Sportback from 2011, powered by a 2.0 TFSI engine, sporting 211 bhp. It has the front bumper from an Audi RS5, with a custom lip, custom side skirts, and a custom rear wing. Its mirrors and roof are painted black, while for the exhaust, the mods are a custom welded intermediary and custom final tips.
The Audi sits on Parotech premium wheels painted black and has an AP Racing suspension, just because the owner is a fan of “static for life”, as she told us. Yes, boys, it’s a girl’s car, so behave!
You will probably wonder where did all the aftermarket painted elements came from, along with that amazing body color. Well, as far as we understood, it was all in the family, both the passion, as well as the works, since she and her dear ones own a paint shop. Not a surprise, then, that her car needed to look special and feel special, too. Further mods will follow, as a cheeky suggestion indicated.
The best car stories come out of nowhere and are most likely to be found in your local parking lots, in your community, among the people that you see everyday. It’s like that all around the world, you just got to get out there and find them. Spot on, this late night drive through the parking lots within our neighborhood proved to bring something quite special and we’re glad we ended up with some cool material to show off.
We enjoy jumping behind the steering wheel and drive with no actual purpose, for one simple reason: the joy of riding, the freedom associated with it, feelings that have been bottled up during this pandemic year and are most likely missed by everyone involved in the car culture communities around the world. So, it’s only natural that every moment spent on the streets should be valued and rejoiced. If we get to shoot a special car on the way, then all the better.
Photographed by Anna Dumitrescu / Instagram
Written by Mihai Dumitrescu / Instagram