Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Whenever we get the chance to feature an insanely modified vehicle, we get that unmistakable rush, as our Spidey-sense starts tingling at the thought of writing about a special car over the flickering sound of the camera. Case in point, introducing the unique VW Golf, as imagined by the passionate people from Expert Wheels. And, while their shop is nationwide known for working with tires, fitment, and rims, this project took it a few steps further. Okay, maybe more than a few…
What started out as a simple, common hatchback, turned into a creation made up of various elements, either aftermarket bought or simply imported from other cars. There’s a lot of tweaks and additions to this Golf, and we’ll start with the outside, which features a full Maxton Design body kit, carbon laminated elements and custom headlights and taillights. To top it all off, a rear wing from the R model has been fitted. Aggressive and sharp, these mods will surely enhance the aerodynamics, not just the looks of the car.
For that tucked look, an AirLift 3M suspension, installed by AFS, going hand-in-hand with those wonderfully unique Rotiform ZRH 19" 3-piece rims. Underneath the wheels, a set of D2 custom brake pads have been added, to get that spectacular color-combo. Clean, perfect fitment was always in mind here, seeing that this is the creation of a wheel-shop, after all. And the result is simply outstanding, the amount of care and attention being present in every inch of the modifications.
Needless to say, such a highly tuned exterior could not have been complemented by a stock interior. So, inside, there’s more borrowed stuff, such as the R carbon steering wheel, or the Recaro CS seats taken from an Opel Corsa OPC. They’re beautifully covered by a yellow half-cage, while the Gladen sound system is the cherry on the cake, to top it all off, for that old-school feel of the golden years.
Sunny days and open roads all that awaits this car, seeing that big tuning shows are indefinitely postponed or even canceled. But the joy of building a car is not only about the purpose to show it off, but rather to enjoy it yourself, whether it’s by looking at it or driving it with no clear destination in mind. And with what this VW holds, we think every trip could become quite special.
Creating a one-of-a-kind car takes time, patience, hard work, and a lot of factors that need to come in place, in order to reach that perfect build. We got that info hands-on, from the people who were involved in making this blue wonder. Both a daily, as well a show car, the little Golf turns heads and takes names wherever it goes. And whether it’s gonna go even more to the extreme, or it will eventually find other owners, it’ll remain as a clean and well-thought-out creation, both here, on Tunedside, as well as in the hearts of those who built it.
Written by Mihai Dumitrescu / Instagram
Photographed by Anna Dumitrescu / Instagram