Tunedside Offroad Experience 2020

Hard roads, solid cars, and lots of fun. The basic recipe for offroading, an activity that’s been with us for a long while, and, most likely, will still be here, or at least until we’ve invented flying cars. However, before said cars arrive, we’ve embarked on a different journey from the usual experiences we cover here at Tunedside. No fancy wheels, no stanced coupes, no airrides, none of the sporty-glam-chic stuff you were used to.
Back in 2020, we did a poll on our Instagram, regarding some offroad material, whether we should do a particular story (or stories) in regards to this side of car culture. Seeing that 82% of our fans and friends replied with YES, the choice has been an easy one. We packed our cameras and laptops, got the boots and warm coats out of the closet, and off we went.
We’ll say it right away, Romania is a wonderful country, in terms of sightseeing, hidden roads, and amazing sceneries. There’s no doubt about it, the mountains are there to be explored and Romania has plenty of them, so for our first offroad experience (out of many, we hope) we chose an itinerary deep in the heart of the country, in Vrancea County.
Passing by the well-renowned wineries and vineyards, the roads became tighter, the air became cooler and our adventure spirit took control in full. Hiking in a big 4x4 has its bumps in the road, but also its perks. Here’s a taste of what we got to see, upon arriving at one of our destinations.
Speaking of the car, our trusty partner was an old-school Nissan Terrano, which handled every obstacle nature threw at us, with grace and confidence. Solid through mud, rivers, snow, and grass, this legendary offroad vehicle truly rose up to its name and we’re glad we got to ride in it on our first Tunedside Offroad Experience.
Passing by (or through, if needed) the Putna and Zabala rivers got us on less-traveled roads, but boy, was it worthy. The sights were breathtaking, and the effort of getting on top of the mountains has been rewarded in full.
There are a lot of artsy descriptions we could assign to this adventure and to the concept of offroading. We all know it, be it by words, or by photos, we can tell this story over and over again. But the raw truth is that the best way to experience these sensations is to get in a suitable car (or rent one) and just drive to one of the unique locations Romania (or any other country, for that matter) has to offer.
We believe that offroad adventures are about more than sightseeing, or conquering nature in a motorized vehicle. They’re about bonding, be it with your friends, with fellow aficionados, or with a trustworthy car. Offroading keeps it simple, doesn’t ask for much, and gives a lot in return. Because, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from this experience, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey that takes us there. The literal silver lining at the end of rocky, muddy or snowy roads is just a beautiful bonus.
Written by Mihai Dumitrescu / Instagram
Photographed by Anna Dumitrescu / Instagram