Who we are

We are Tunedside, a digital advertising agency, where we handle our clients’ requests with style, grace, and a unique take on things. Our services are based on diversity, and we welcome any challenge as a potential opportunity for success.

Born out of passion, Tunedside combines art and professional services alike, to bring life into all our media projects and to develop awesome campaigns and content. We’re both creative and technically inclined, so we can make sure that we understand every facet of every request.

Backed by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, delivering constant support to our clients, we take pride in what we create and we love helping out projects, businesses, and brands.

As a 360 digital services powerhouse, Tunedside offers a different way of creating quality content and is a one-of-a-kind agency, with an outside-the-box approach and thinking.

Our vision

What started out as a dream, became a reality, and during our years of hard work and dedication, we grew along with our partners, we managed to become better, wiser, and more inclined to perfection. Never assume you know everything is one of our driving mottos, this is why we keep learning from every successful project we deliver.

Tunedside was founded with two goals in mind: to showcase the best brand-related stories and to deliver sheer quality, based on four principles: innovation, creativity, transparency, and professional conduct. We're always going to stay true to the pillars on which our agency was built upon, while we also embrace change, in order to create a better digital world.

Our founders

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Co-Founder &
Chief Technology Officer

After a successful career in „Big 6” agencies, working with some of the biggest clients in the world, on creative projects and campaigns, it was time for Ana to forge her own path, so in January 2020, she co-founded her own agency and made it her mission to deliver only the best.

With a relentless passion for well-done things, Ana’s work is a constant blend between technology and creativity, and, with every new project successfully implemented, she keeps driving our agency one step further to perfection.

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Co-Founder &
Managing Partner

With more than 16 years of experience in media projects (yes, you saw his name on lots of EA Sports games) and corporate operations, Mihai is the admin soul of the agency. If we’d all be apps, he’d most likely be Excel.

When he’s not writing content or handling business development & operational meetings, he likes to work on his novels, as his creative side is in perfect balance with the managerial one.